Watch a new trailer for Jeff Nichols’ ‘Midnight Special’

The American filmmaker re-teams with Michael Shannon for his prestigious upcoming sci-fi road movie.

The fifth feature from American writer/director Jeff Nichols, after his three consecutive collaborations with actor Michael Shannon in Shotgun Stories (2007), Take Shelter (2011) and Mud (2012), Midnight Special (2016) is his first film made within the studio system, thus made on a bigger budget than his previous titles.

A science-fiction action thriller, Midnight Special sees Shannon playing Roy, a dedicated father whose desperation to protect his uniquely gifted young son Alton (played by Jaeden Leiberher) – who is being hunted by both an extreme religious sect and a government task force – sees him banding together with his ex-wife and racing to a secret location.

As enemy forces amp up their search for Alton whilst he and his parents are on the run, the true extent of his powers gradually comes to light, which has the power to bring about a world-changing event.

Shannon and Leiberher are joined by Adam Driver, Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton and Sam Shepard.

In our review of the film, we found it to be a genre-blending family drama-come-sci-fi with heart that is reminiscent of Steven Spielberg’s storytelling prowess and Terrence Malick’s visual styles.


Midnight Special is released in UK cinemas 8 April 2016